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Bad Attitude

Take a look at

these dirty hands

Take a look at this face these blazing eyes

Do you see me as a broken man

Tell me

Are you really that blind

You got yourself a load of trouble now

You got yourself a bad deal

You say i've got a bad attitude

How d'you think I feel

You got me locked in a paper cage

You think I'm chained up but I'm just tied down

Step aside get out of my way

I won't hurt you I had enough being pushed around

You got yourself a load of trouble now

You got yourself a bad deal

You say I've got a bad attitude

How d'you think I feel

Don't want a number

I got a name

Take a look at my face

Talk about a bad attitude

Things have got to change


The Unwritten Law

Listen to me

I've got a warning for you

You've got to learn to take more care

'Cos if you swim in dirty water

Be careful how yo dry your hair

In a room within a room

In a hole within a hole

You've got to learn to share your secrets

Or you'll lose your soul

I've got the evidence

I know you broke the unwritten law

Another town another one night stand

You know you broke the law

It's so hard to hold back

When the fire is in your eyes

A silver dollar in my pocket

I don't like surprises

I've got your souvenir

Is that the price I've got to pay

It ain't been that long

Since the last charade

I know you're guilty

But I'm carrying the blame

I took out much more than I put in

And I felt the pain

In a dirty little room

With nowhere left to hide

You told the truth with your eyes

But you lied inside


Call Of The Wild

Operator I'm looking for a girl

You've got to help me get through

I don't know much about her

So I'm relying on you

She got rhythm but no sense of timing

She likes living but she's got no address

Operator you've got to get me out of this mess

Let me tell you about her

She ain't got a face

She ain't got a name

She ain't got a leg to stand upon

She's out of touch

But not out of mind

And I've got to see again that gypsy child

Operator this is the call of the wild

She's a hitch hiker never gets a ride

But you can bet she's on time

She's always around but so hard to find

She causes trouble she never takes offence

Dirty mind a heart of gold

Operator don't you put me on hold



Mad Dog

Don't look too long in my face

It could be a big mistake

I'm hanging on a thread so fine

I need a little space

I shouldn't say but I know I must

I've had enough of pain

I'm pissed off standing in the rain

It makes me feel like a mad dog

I got nothing to lose

Mad dog

You got nothing I can use

Mad dog

Howling at the moon

A mad dog

I need no friends

I'm on the edge of a broken dream

Laughing at the pain but it makes me want to scream

I should have known she'd be no good

She tore my heart in two but I don't need to talk to you

You make me feel like a mad dog

I got nothing to lose

Mad dog

You got nothing I can use

Mad dog

Howling at the moon

A mad dog

she said a hard man is good to find

And then she raised a doubt

All that I could give she took

And then she threw me out

Well I don't care I don't care anymore

I'm going to lose my grip

I'm going to let it rip


Black & White

Read all about it tell me

Have you heard the news

Captain bob he don't pay no dues

You know he's looking in my window

He's stepping on my toes

Don't want the truth and it goes to show

I got a joker up my sleeve

I know what to believe

It ain't right just because it's in black and white

Find yourself a hero

Treat him like a friend

You build him up and tear him down again

It don't hold a candle hold it to the light

Check it out is it wrong or right

Is this the news of the world

It's just a pretty girl

She's all the news that's fit to print in

Black and white

Inside information taken down note by note

A silent footstep that's all she wrote

Shit that's all she wrote

No need to worry the baby's gone to bed

Dreaming dirty dreams in black and white

And read

Now I got nothing to fear

Is this the scoop of the year

Headlines on my bathroom wall

In black and white


Hard Lovin' Woman

She walked into the room

Her hand upon her hip

Said look out boy

I'll make your backbone slip

She looked straight at me

The devil in her eye

I knew what I was getting but took it by surprise

No fooling

She really knocked the stuffing out of me

Some woman a hard lovin' woman

She chewed me up and spat me out

Some woman

She's a hard lovin' woman

Some woman a hard lovin' woman

She didn't wear nothing but a smile

Upon her face

Licking her lips but I had the taste

Her temperature was rising

I was coming to the boil

Her fires were burning

She was pouring on the oil

I do not jest she really took me to the cleaners

Some woman

I felt just great when she pulled her 38's

It started with a smile

It turned into a laugh

It ended with a scream

I said enough's enough

Never heard a word she wouldn't let go

A man's a man and every woman ought to know

And there I was

And she was dancing

Some woman here we go again


The Spanish Archer

Well there must have been a reason

For the smile that you had upon your face last night

A are you the cat that got the cream

Did you lick your lips did you close your eyes

Can you imagine how it feels it's so hard to reveal

Oh I can't get through and I'm falling

I'm getting out I'm losing ground

The spanish archer's gonna bring you down

Is there someone somewhere waiting in the wings to take my place

Let's not drag it out like a cagney death scene

In this season of change it's not hard to explain

Like the leaves on the trees i'm falling

And as you turn don't look away

The spanish archer's gonna make you pay

Do you remember when the sky was blue we used to talk for miles

And now we drive along in this thundering silence

It's such an obvious lie with that easy smile of yours

I'm letting go and i'm falling

I'm getting out losing ground

The spanish archer's gonna bring you down

Well is there something I can say

As we stumble to the edge have we gone too far

Why don't we call it a day before we call it a nightmare darlin'

If we made a mistake then all that it takes to be free

Is the wave of a hand and you're falling and as you turn don't look away

The spanish archer's gonna make you pay





I was born into confusion

My mother said to me

When you become a man you'll understand

But it's still a mystery

And if you want to get ahead

Get some decent clothes

The only way to make it

Dress the part

That gets right up my nose

And it think to myself in this river of doubt

This is something I can do without

But strangeways is what I got

The indians are coming

I saw it on tv

They're 20,000 strong

But they always get depleted by the cavalry

Salvation is at hand it's guaranteed

Just send a donation straight to god 1-800 toll free

And I think to myself in this academy of fear

Where am I going what am I doing here

But strangeways is all I got

Have you seen the headlines

Princess engaged

3 million out of work

But that's on the 2nd page

The alien has landed

Finger in his ear

Can't hear a word I am saying

But that ain't such a bad idea

And I think to myself in this cradle of lust

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

But strangeways is all you get


Mitzi Dupree

Flying to salt lake city

Seats 3a and b

I was down and needed a window

But in 3a sat mitzi dupree

She said hi I am mitzi

The queen of the ping pong

Where you going boy

I said nowhere

She said i'm movng on

I thought what is this

I cannot resist

Here she is

And I've always wanted a girl

With a name

A name like mitzi dupree

She said what do you do

I said I'm a singer in a band

She said ya I'm an entertainer

Reached out and took my hand

She was going to a mining town

Way up north to do her show

I said it must be cold up there

She said depends on who you know

Oh that look in her eye

I can tell you no lies

I'm just a man

She made me feel like a king in my mind

I love you mitzi dupree

I said what is this queen of the ping pong business

She smiled what do you think

It has no connection with china

I said oow have another drink

Well I knew right away

That I'd seen her act before

In a room behind a kitchen in bangkok

And three or four times more in singapore

She may not be the first

But I know she ain't the worst

She was mine but I ran out of time

I miss you I love you mitzi dupree

My darling mitzi dupree


Dead or Alive

Don't turn off the light

You might draw the queen of spades

Don't shut the door

You don't need to be alone

I won't bring you no food

There might be some poison in your meat

I've got to know are you dead or alive

Don't shut the door are you dead or alive

Dead or alive

Pick your window you're leaving

Don't look in the mirror

With a dollar up your face

You've got money to burn

You're cheap at half the price

Oh don't powder your nose

Don't blow your brains just for the the crack

I've got to know are you dead or alive

Just for the crack are you dead or alive

Dead or alive

Pick your window you're leaving

You're running so fast

But you know you're standing still

I'm afraid of your shadow

And the knife in it's hand

You're dancing with death

To the tune of the dealer

And he don't care

Don't give a toss

Don't want to know if

You're dead or alive

Don't want to know if

You're dead or alive

Dead or alive

Pick your window

You're leaving

Copyright C.A.D.P & Hush Magazine (1994-2015)