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Perfect Strangers
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Knocking at Your Back Door

Sweet Lucy was a dancer

But none of us would chance her

Because she was a Samurai

She made electric shadows

Beyond our fingertips

And none of us could reach that high

She came on like a teaser

I had to touch and please her

Enjoy a little paradise

The log was in my pocket

When Lucy met the Rockett

And she never knew the reason why

I can't deny it

With that smile on her face

It's not the kill

It's the thrill of the chase

Feel it coming

It's knocking at the door

You know it's no good running

It's not against the law

The point of no return

And now you know the score

And now you're learning

What's knockin' at your back door

Sweet Nancy was so fancy

To get into her pantry

Had to be the aristocracy

The members that she toyed with

At her city club

Were something in diplomacy

So we put her on the hit list

Of a common cunning linguist

A master of many tongues

And now she eases gently

From her Austin to her Bentley

Suddenly she feels so young


Under the Gun

Infidel can you hear

Would be strange delight

I need you to give your sympathy tonight

When you hear what I say

Deeds I've done

Realise I've never lost and never won

I've got a feeling that it's never right

There was a reason but it's out of sight

It's going down somewhere tonight

Under the gun

Put death in my hand

Learn to fight

Who could care if it's wrong or if it's right

We got no choice

Under command

We're ordered to die or take this land

Stupid bastards and religious freaks

So safe in their castle keeps

They turn away as a mother weeps

Under the gun

When brave men fall

Under crimson skies

There's a sadness reflected in a soldier's


Tears will dry

For those I kill

Remember no more their names but

someone will

The only way to be victorious

Screw the fools who think it's glorious

Who gives a toss about the likes of us

Under the gun


Nobody's Home

Nothing I can do about it

Maybe I won't even try

Your will is determined to kill any

Reason of mine

I see you coming

With that look in your eye

You act like a king but you ain't got a


In your mind

And now there's nobody home

My belly is aching

Your image is blown

Your lights are burning bright

But Nobody's Home

You talk about love and affection

If only you could

You're full of pride but there's nothing


And you think you're so good

You know you got it coming to ya

All things return

You need me

It's not gonna be my concern

And now there's nobody home

Your message is changing

The children have grown

Your lights are burning bright

But nobody's home

I hear you crying

What can I say

You get what you give so

Forgive me as I turn away

Nobody's home

A legend is dying

The seeds have been sown

Your lights are burning bright

But Nobody's Home


Mean Streak

She came home last night

rotten rolling drunk

She talk no sense but she sound good

so she think

So I reached over and said Hello

Is there some planet you'd care to go

And she said Venus on the rocks

She got a mean streak

Black Mamba don't compete

She got a mean streak

Temptation bitter sweet

She drives me crazy gets inside my brain

She spend my money down a drain

So I roll over for my reward

How much can I afford

And she says

Just a little more

I can't take this no more

I tried so hard but I can't get thru' the


Because one smile from those eyes

And I stand there paralysed

And she says

Beg for more get down sucka you know

what I like

oh hang on


Perfect Strangers

Can you remember remember my name

As I flow through your life

A thousand oceans I have flown

And cold spirits of ice

All my life

I am the echo of your past

I am returning the echo of a point in time

Distant faces shine

A thousand warriors I have known

And laughing as the spirits appear

All your life

Shadows of another day

And if you hear me talking on the wind

You've got to understand

We must remain

Perfect Strangers

I know I must remain inside this silent

well of sorrow

A strand of silver hanging through the


Touching more than you see

The voice of ages in your mind

Is aching with the dead of the night

Precious life (your tears are lost in

falling rain)

And if you hear me talking on the wind

You've got to understand

We must remain

Perfect Strangers


A Gypsy's Kiss

John San what you can

La la Janette dance in sand

What's the mystery my son

Gypsy Dan Caravan

Won Tun Wan with your Chinese fan

It's part of history my son

Murder and rape with your power

The 10th revolution in far away days

It's come to this

A gypsy's kiss

All your power's gonna fade in the haze

Ya who' Jumme gae bile ya heed

The Senorita said

I'll drag yer lungs out through yer nose

Space truckers free and high

Teamsters get ya by and by

That should keep you on your toes

They got a gun at your head

But you ain't necessarily playing their


They can't resist

A Gypsy's Kiss

All that's needed to drive them insane

John Wayne The Alamo

Crazy Horse Geronimo

I'll smoke a piece with you

Mind Body Heart and Soul

We got Rock and Roll

And there's nothing they can do

Hear the small voice of truth

Above the shouting despair of the crowd

What do you wish

A Gypsy's Kiss

Gets you strong for crying out loud


Wasted Sunsets

The day is gone

when the angels come to stay

And all the silent whispers

will be blown away

And lying in the corner

a pair of high heel shoes

Hanging on the wall

gold and silver for the blues

One too many wasted sunsets

One too many for the road

And after dark the door is always open

Hoping someone else will show

Someone is waiting behind

an unlocked door

Grey circles overhead empties

on the floor

The cracks in the walls have

grown too long

The slow hand is dragging on

afraid to meet the dawn

One too many wasted sunsets

One too many for the road

And after dark the door is always open

Hoping someone else will show


Hungry Daze

In a dark and sweaty room in '69

tables turning

Dancing girls, silly girls, all kinds of girls

and it was loud

Tuning up to madness in the back room

candles burning

Present the Stinking Hippy and throw the

naked thunder to the crowd

In the Hungry Daze

The long and lonely highway drags along

it's going nowhere

Sickness and disease and mad


something's going wrong

The mountain's getting cold and lonely

the trees are bare

We all came out to Montreux

but that's another song

You've heard it all before

In hungry daze

Along the Mountain Road to do some


and now we're mobile again

Different girls, laughing girls, forever


and it's so loud

The crew have lost again

they are beaten men

The winning team united

living for the crowd

These are the hungry daze

Copyright C.A.D.P & Hush Magazine (1994-2015)