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Welcome to the official site of the Deep Purple & related bands Spanish Fan Club (C.A.D.P.)
The C.A.D.P. was founded in 1994 by Carlos Fernandez and it's been recognised as the Official Spanish Fan Club by Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore and the Deep Purple Apreciation Society (DPAS).
We are more than 30 collaborators that every 3 months put together a magazine called Hush. A publication that you can not miss if you are a Deep Purple fan!


The C.A.D.P. goes ahead thanks to a team of dedicated fans who after their 9 to 5 jobs, still find time to run the Fan Club and write for Hush Magazine. I am honoured and lucky for being part of this team. Once a year we organise the annual convention, where all the collaborators get together from all over Spain to cellebrate our passion for music. We hire a venue and organise a Deep Purple or Rainbow tribute band concert, show music videos and have a big dinner afterwards. It's all one big family!

Ainhoa Prieto (Hush subeditor/Webmaster)


Our publication Hush is full articles with updated news, concert reviews, album reviews, interviews and many more of bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Glenn Hughes, Graham Bonnet, Black Sabbath, Dio, Uriah Heep, Blakmore's Night, Yngwie Malmsteen and the list goes on. Each issue has more than 70 pages and welcomes collaborations from any fans.



Exclusive Interview with Simon Robinson - by Jose Villasol

Deep Purple members pictures


For all the fans outside Spain that want to become a member of the C.A.D.P. and receibe in your home "Hush Magazine" please send an international money order of €40 to:
Carlos Fernandez
Clube de Adictos a Deep Purple
P.O. Box 930
36200 - Vigo
If you become a member we will also send you our wide catalogue of CD's, Videos, Lp's... and we will include you in our mailing list to keep you updated with the latest news and releases.

* We now accept Paypal & credit card payments for subscriptions

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