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The golden light above you shows me where you're from

The magic in your eye bewitches all you gaze upon

You stand up on your hill and be bop all around you

They wonder where you're from oh yeah

They wonder where I found you

Oh my love it's a long way

Where you're from it's a long way

I tried to understand you, I tried to love you right

The way you smile and touch me always sets my heart alight

Your lips are like a fire burning thru' my soul

And people ask me where you're from

They really wanna know

Oh my soul it's a long way

Where you're from it's a long way

Magic woman wreckin' up my soul

Things you tell me have never been told

Magic woman I don't know

Electric before me I love you so I love you so

You're racing like a fireball dancing like a ghost

You're gemini and I don't know which one I like the most

My head is getting broken and my mind is getting bust

But now I'm coming with you down the road of golden dust

Oh my love it's a long way

Where you're from it's a long way


No No No

Really hate the running really hate the game

Looking at them all I wanna be unborn again

Their suit is getting tighter although they're getting thin

The flies are crawling on their face and trying to get in

People say that we're to blame I say

No No No it's just the game

Must we let them fool us No No No

Have we got our freedom No No No

Is it getting better No No No

Do we love each other No No No

Must we wait for ever No No No

Heads are getting stronger bodies getting weak

Looking at them all it feels good to be a freak

Their hands are getting closer they're reaching out so far

The greenies gonna get them make them serve the stars

Tell them how it is and they say

No No No we know it all

The washing's getting dirty the air is getting thin

It's all in such a mess that no one knows where to begin

They talk about creating but all they do is kill

They say we're gonna mend it but they never will

Poison in the rain but they say

No No No we ain't to blame


Demon's Eye

I don't mind just what you say.

I never heard you, baby, never heard you anyway.

I don't care what you do

just so long as it ain't me and you.

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye.

Everything's good, I said, everything's fine.

You don't know, don't know it's the end of your time.

How does it feel to be turned away?

I've known it, baby, almost every day.

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye.

I don't need you anymore,

I don't want you, baby, hanging round my door.

You slip and slide round my brain.

You think you're so clever, yeah, but you know you're insane.

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye.

I d-d-don't mind just what you say.

I never heard you, baby, I never heard you anyway, no I didn't.

Everything's good, everything's fine.

You don't know it's the end of your time.

Sly, sly, like the demon's eye,

like the demon's eye.


Anyone's Daughter

I stood under your bedroom window

Throwing up a brick

No-one came I threw one more

That really did the trick

Your daddy came and banged my head

He said what kind of man

Is this that's hanging round my girl

And threw me in the can

You're a farmer's daughter

You're a farmer's daughter

Why do I always get

The kinda girl I didn't oughta get

I won't get no more eggs and water

Now I've laid the farmer's daughter

Imagine I was a full grown man

And I could talk just right

Could I come and see you here

And do this every night

Wham! the door comes crashing down

Your daddy's face all pale

Says come with me you hairy bum

I'll put you in my jail

You're a judge's daughter

You're a judge's daughter

Why do I always get

The kinda girl I didn't oughta get

Now I'm getting jail and torture

Cos' I made the judge's daughter

It seems they're screaming law and order

When I go with anyone's daughter

Woman I should like some peace

And daddy hold your tongue

I think you're gonna die of fright

When I tell you what I've done

I can hear your tales and lies

You say I'm dumb and scraggy

But man this dumb and scraggy is

Your daughter's baby's daddy

She's a lucky daughter

Such a lucky daughter

Why did I always get

The kinda girl I didn't wanna get

Now I've got what I always fought for

Cos I've married a rich man's daughter


The Mule

No-one sees the things you do

Because I stand in front of you

But you drive me all the time

Put the evil in my mind

Used to sing and say my prayers

Live my life without a care

Now I have become a fool

Because I listened to the mule

How can I change when my mind is a friend

of a Lucifer hid in the ground

Just another slave for the mule



I'm crying I'm dying

I can see what's wrong with me

It's in my head

I can see what's gonna be

As I lie in my bed

Man is not my brotherhood

I am of the dead

I died as I lived as I loved and was born

On some distant hill

The reasons to hide were the reasons I cried

Fools pass laughing still

There can be bad blood in all I can see

It's in my brain

You don't know the pain I feel

As I must live again

Rocks and stones can't bruise my soul but

Tears will leave a stain

They smile to themselves as they lay down my head

On some distant hill

The blind and the child sweep a tear from their eye

Fools smile as they kill

I got my own way to go and now I want

To take your minds

I believe if you could see

The blood between the lines

I believe that you could be

A better kind

Please lead the way so the unborn can play

On some greener hill

Laugh as the flames eat their burning remains

Fools die laughing still


No One Came

Maybe it's because I'm only starting

That I think it won't take too long

Maybe it's because I can see you laughing

That I think you've got it wrong

Maybe I could be like Robin Hood

Like and outlaw dressed all in green

Someone said what's he gonna turn out like

And someone else said never mind

Well I was big and bold and more than twice as old

As all the cats I'd ever seen

I grew my hair and bought a suit

Of shiny white or was it cream

I shook and shivered danced and quivered

And stood on a mountain top

No one came from miles around and said

Man your music is really hot

Well I knew what they meant because I was a freak

My throat was tired and worn

My pretty face just looked out of place

As they poured on the scorn

I wrote on yellow paper from a man who was the king

He said my boy we'll have some crazy scenes

There weren't any scenes at all like he was talkin' about

He must've been the king of queens

Well I could write a million songs about the things I've done

But I could never sing them so they'd never get sung

There's a law for the rich and one for the poor

and there's another one for singers

It's die young and live much longer

Spend your money and sit and wonder

No-one came for miles around

And said man your music is really funky

I believe that I must tell the truth

And say things as they really are

But if I told the truth and nothing but the truth

Could I ever be a star

Nobody knows who's real and who's fakin'

Everyone's shouting out loud

It's only the glitter and shine that gets thru

Where's my Robin Hood outfit

Well I've come and I've gone before you wink an eye

No-one ever care enough to say goodbye

The money's good and the time you have

Fun and games galore

But you spend your money and lie in bed forgotten

And you wonder what you did it for

No-one came from miles around

And said man who's he?

Copyright C.A.D.P & Hush Magazine (1994-2015)